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Watch Winder 721


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Product Description

Art Master single watch winder for 2 watches 


1. Material: High Gross piano finish MDF + Acrylic window

2. Colour: As picture

3. Japan Mabuchi Motor

4. Capacity: 2 watches (Cube design looks more ingenious)

5. Accessory: 3V AC adapter+User manual+cleaning cloth+key

6. Can operated by battery also.

Program Setting For this model:

1. The unit if off

2. Mode 1: On this setting the watch winder will turn clockwise only, turning 1 minute and resting for 20 minutes, then repeating the cycle.

3. Mode 2: On this setting, the winder will turn counter-clockwise only, turning 3 minutes and resting for 50 minutes, then repeating cycle.

4. Mode 3: On this setting , the winder will turn counter-clockwise for 2 minutes and rest for 28 minutes then will turn clockwise for 2 minutes and rest for 28 minutes, then repeats complete cycle.

5. Mode 4: On this setting , the winder will turn clockwise for 10 minutes then turn counter-clockwise for 10 minutes. This cycle will repeat for 1 hour then will rest for 7 hours. The cycle will restart from the beginning after every cycle.


1. Computer controlled timer permits flawless winding of all automatic timepieces

2. Rotating base allows easy access to your fine watches and configurable watch retention

3. Adjustable cushions accommodate both ladies’ and men’s watches

4. Japan movement no running noise

5. Each winder can control separately

6. Four program suit most automatic watches

7. Auto daily repeat: working, resting and sleeping

8. Direction of rotation selectable: clockwise, counter-clockwise, alternating

Operation Instruction:

Step1: Load your watch in the cushion.

Step2: Plug in the adapter and turn on the power.

Step3: Select programs by program knob switch.

Warming: Please DO NOT manually spin the rotator. Please OFF FIRST before take out your watch.


All our winder are covered by 1 year warranty for movement .

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 190 x 190 x 195 mm


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